The need for the East/West Corridor road through the land between the Developmental Center (USDC) and Lone Peak High School (LPHS) has reached a critical point. To the credit of Senator Hemmert and Rep. Kennedy, the legislature finally approved the road during the last legislative session.

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However, this is just the beginning. Most recently, May 10th, the state attorney general’s office informed USDC they have been going about this entire process incorrectly.  Specifically, USDC previously made their high density plan and were in search of a developer to fulfill that plan. This was done in error. Rather, to comply with state law, USDC must allow developers or potential purchasers to come to them with proposals that USDC can evaluate. This has a potentially huge impact. First, it removes USDC from the role of being the developer.  Second, developers know that there are some hurdles ahead for working with Highland and American Fork on issues such as impact fees, utility connection and annexation. Accordingly, while developers will no doubt seek to maximize their own benefit, they understand that the development is bounded by reality (something the USDC plan did not appear to understand). 

My 10+ years of experience working with governmental entities (cities, redevelopment districts, etc.), my 5 years on Highland's planning commission, and my personal relationship with many of the leaders involved in this project will be an asset to our communities as I advocate for a win-win solution to a very complex issue. Because the USDC is a state-run entity, our state legislators need to be active and involved to protect our citizens’ interests. I’ve been involved with this issue long before I ever thought about running for office because I felt compelled to offer my professional insight to be sure the project is done ethically and effectively.

Endorsements from Community Leaders


Cedar Hills Mayor Jenney Rees

For our State House seat, I am supporting Brady Brammer. Brady has been serving on the Highland Planning Commission and understands many of the issues we face in our area, including our concerns regarding the development south of Lone Peak High School. He has been a vocal advocate for the residents in the area who are concerned about the proposals for that land. He is an attorney who has represented cities, so understands the issues local communities face.

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Highland Mayor Rod Mann

I am supporting Brady Brammer as our state representative. He has over the years demonstrated a willingness to become informed on issues and develop solutions for our community as a member of Highland's planning commission. He is very well grounded in state law and local ordinances. He will be an effective advocate for his constituents. I look forward to working with him on issues that affect our community.