I am a product of the Alpine School District and Brigham Young University. That education has served me well. My own children now attend ASD schools as well. Parents know best how to chart the course for their child’s learning. Teachers know best what they need to be effective in their classroom with each unique group of students. I believe that with any decisions we make for public education policy, we need to allow decision-making to take place at the most local level possible— parents and teachers. As your legislator, I promise to be an advocate and partner in providing the best educational experience we can.

Endorsements from Education Leaders:

Joel Wright.png

Joel Wright, UTAH State Board of Education

Please consider joining me in voting for Brady Brammer for House District #27 if you live in Highland, Alpine or Cedar Hills in the Republican Primary. Brady has an exceptional background that will allow him to promptly start working on tough issues that require a deep understanding of law, taxation, local zoning and property rights. He has impressed me with his determination to understand and work on local issues that need to be resolved at the state level. I feel like Brady wants to listen to me, and represent the interests of me and my family at the state level. 



Brady Brammer has my vote in this race. I'm excited to have a reasonable, experienced, strong advocate for LD 27. He is an attorney, an ethics professor, a former planning commission member, and understands the issues that are important to our area in SunCrest. Plus, I like his approach to education in supporting district, charter, and homeschooling options.


Caroline Knadler, School Administrator

I am voting for Brady Brammer for the Utah State House because he understands that the vast majority of his constituents educate their children in public schools. His own children attend public school. Brady is truly invested in providing the best education for our students.


David Stephenson, District Administrator

I had the pleasure of meeting Brady Brammer last week and am thrilled he is running to serve as my legislator. He is an amazing candidate for Utah House District 27 (Alpine, Cedar Hills, and Highland)

Chrissy Hannemann.jpg

Chrissy Hannemann, Alpine LPHS SCC and PTSA Board member, Former Alpine School Board Member

I am supporting Brady Brammer for the Utah House 27. As a state legislator it is important to have people who support public education and can work in tandem with our local leaders. I believe Brady can build bridges across the issues that divide us!

Reed Hodson.JPG

Reed Hodson, School Administrator

"As a resident of Highland City, I am voting for Brady Brammer for House District 27.  Brady is qualified and a good choice to represent our community in the House of Representatives. He is an advocate for public education, served on the Highland Planning Commission, and will demonstrate ethical political behavior in his work."


Michelle Stephenson, School Administrator

"I am voting for Brady Brammer for Utah House District 27. He is uniquely qualified to be our legislator. His own children attend public school and he is committed to supporting teachers and parents therein. He is the conservative leader that we need right now."