The importance of family cannot be overstated. The breakdown of the family over the last few decades has contributed to nearly every social crisis facing our country today--resulting in incalculable costs to lives, society and government. If you elect me, I will vote to protect the Utah County values we hold dear. I will support policies that strengthen our families and provide incentives that encourage individual responsibility. 

Additionally, I will be a strident advocate for the freedom of religion and the protection of religion from those who seek to weaponize our government against that freedom. 



Endorsements From Family Values Policy Leaders

Bill Duncan.jpg

Bill Duncan: Director of the Marriage Law Foundation

"I am the director of the Marriage Law Foundation, whose mission is to defend constitutional freedoms and traditional family values. Brady worked with me at the Foundation in our legal effort to defend these values in the courts. He was insightful and intelligent and dedicated. I am confident he will continue to be a strong voice in the defense of our constitutional freedoms and traditional family values as a legislator."