Government should not be in the health care business. The free market approach is preferable to leaving decisions to bureaucrats. More freedom to choose and innovate will keep our health care at the level we have come to expect in our country.

I will use my experience in the law to push back against socialized health care programs. The states should be empowered through waivers to have the ability to come up with market based answers to our health care challenges. Socialism in all forms is a proven failure and I will oppose any measures that move us toward it in health care or any other area. I support tax deductions for medical expenses, eliminating government red tape that make it difficult for small businesses to provide insurance, and I will support measures that push for increased use of health savings accounts. I also support measures that increase transparency between doctors and patients, particularly related to the costs of each procedure or service. 

I support common sense approaches to ending the unsustainable trajectory that state Medicaid spending is currently on. Medicaid reform passed this past legislative session is an excellent start because it doesn’t commit the state to continue paying if the federal government doesn’t fulfill its obligations.