Conservative Values on the Issues



As your legislator, I promise to be an advocate and partner in providing the best educational experience we can.

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East/West CorRIDOR

I’ve been involved with this issue long before I ever thought about running for office because I felt compelled to offer my professional insight to be sure the project is done ethically and effectively.



I support and love our Constitution. While many are aware of the separation of powers, it seems that Washington DC has forgotten (or is willfully ignorant) that the Constitution provides enumerated powers only.


Family Values

The importance of family cannot be overstated. The breakdown of the family over the last few decades has contributed to nearly every social crises facing our country today--resulting in incalculable costs to lives, society and government.


Health Care

The free market approach is preferable to leaving decisions to bureaucrats. More freedom to choose and innovate will keep our health care at the level we have come to expect in our country.


Ethics & Honesty in Politics

I will go above and beyond the letter of the law and I will always remember the sacred trust voters place in those they elect to represent them.  I will represent YOU and YOUR interests!

Private Property Rights

Someone once said speaking of property rights, "If this right is not protected then all other rights become worthless."  I agree completely.  As a legislator I will commit to ongoing vigilance against any individual or governmental entity that would seek to erode this important right.



Utah’s balanced budget law ensures that state government lives within its means. However, that doesn’t stop government from increasing “the size of the pie” by raising taxes. I will stand strongly in opposition to tax increases.

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2nd AMENDMENT & School Safety

The 2nd Amendment helps protect the 1st Amendment as well as our other rights. I am staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment. I will do all within my power as a state legislator to protect our constitutional right to bear arms.